111 S Main St

Carrollton, MO 64633

COVID 19 Updates

Re-Opening 5/11/2020

Dear Patients,

We are so happy to be back in the office caring for patients again! During the quarantine period, many things in dentistry have changed.  This page is a way to update you with our infection control procedures as recommended by the CDC, the American Dental Association, and other agencies. We are confident that these increased protocols go above and beyond those recommendations to keep you and our team safe. Thank you for your patience during this time as we work hard to get caught up from our closure.

You will notice the following procedures as you enter Poston Dental Care (plus many that you won’t see):

Screening Questionnaire

We will call every patient the day before their appointment for them to answer the following questions:  

  • “ Have you or an immediate family member been exposed to anyone with fever, cough, cold, flu-like aches, or fatigue in the last 14 days?”
  • “ Have you been experiencing a fever?  

We will continue to use our automated appointment reminder service for your convenience.  We may reschedule your appointment if the risk of transmission of illness, including COVID-19, has been determined.


Arriving / Waiting

During this time your car will be your waiting room.  The front door will remain locked as recommended, all patients should call 660-542-1117 to let us know you have arrived.  You will wait in your car until we are ready. Please do not bring any extra family members with you if it is avoidable, if you do, they will be asked to wait in the car (exceptions being for small children or special needs adults).

EVERY PATIENT MUST HAVE THEIR TEMPERATURE TAKEN UPON ARRIVAL. Anything over 100.7 degrees will be rescheduled for at least three weeks.

Every patient will be asked to wash their hands with hand sanitizer after they enter the office.

You will not see any magazines, children’s books, or toys in our waiting room for the time being.

Increased PPE & Procedures

Personal Protective Equipment: Face masks and gloves have always been the norm at Poston Dental Care, but you may now see items like gowns, hair caps, face shields, and N95 masks. All reusable items will be disinfected between patients.

You may be asked to swish with Listerine prior to your treatment. This is suspected to help lessen the chance of transmitting illness. We may also use “high volume evacuation” devices during procedures to help eliminate aerosols created during procedures (basically just high-powered suction)